What problems can we solve using AI?

Prince Canuma
7 min readSep 26, 2018

In this article, we are going to go through what are some of the problems humanity in general and business is facing that we can solve by leveraging AI.

Updated 18/09/19

Together we are stronger, man and machine united as one.

If you made it this far with me you must be motivated to start a project and actually solve some real-life problems; humanity is currently paying the price of evolution, we crippled our giant blue marble and displeased immensely mother nature. But honestly, we had no choice!

When I say we had no choice I mean two things specifically. First, we couldn’t have invented electric cars nor smartphones in the 1800’s it is all part of the evolution process, meaning we have to go through certain phases in order to evolve and there is no going around it. Furthermore we are beings that were made imperfect, what makes us think we can create or know true perfection because nothing is perfect in this world, what we consider perfect just varies from person to person and it is not everlasting . The only example of perfection is God. Second, from the begining of our human life we notice evolution taking place — we fall before we can walk or run. That’s why I think everything happened the way it should have, we fell now we have the chance to stand-up with the helping hand of AI and walk or run. Of course, there will be more breakthroughs down the road and maybe something better than AI might emerge but this is not think positive or wishful thinking, we shouldn’t live in the future, it is better to imagine how we want to be and start where we are with what we have now (AI) and work towards making that dream come true.

Now, continuing the article.

Had we not done what we did, we would not have evolved as fast as we did and we would not have gotten where we are; at the dawn of a new era where we will have tireless AI-powered agents doing all the heavy lifting for us and in the process pushing the boundaries of what is possible faster and further than ever before giving us the time spared to be what we truly are, humans.

How can a fairly newborn technology like AI solve these complex problems that have been around for millennia?

One of the advantages of artificial intelligence is faster technological advancements. The more AI is used to research the faster it will…



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