The success of AI is the key

Everyone has a different opinion and definition of success.

Building blocks

My definition of success

Success begins in the silent chambers of our brains. If you are delusional enough to believe that you are a winner, it will just be a matter of time until you materialize it.

A wise man once said:

“Great battles are won in the tent”

Having the courage and perseverance to fail multiple times and not give up, is one of the arsenals that highly successful use, only because of their fear giving up is greater than the fear of failing. Of course, they win but they fail more than everyone else because they know something most people don't know, which is:

“Success is a journey, not a destination. “— Ben Sweetland

This is not The Secret or think positive, believing is one of the secret ingredients for success but that’s not all, in order for all to work you have to add a lot of work into the recipe.

“Being successful means that you’re working hard and walking your walk every day. You can only live your dream by working hard towards it. That’s living your dream.” — Marlon Wayans

Why I believe that AI is the key

For starters, I want to clear out a big misconception people have about what AI is, sci-fi gave the masses an idea that AI is here to steal our jobs and eventually exterminate us.

AI can, will and is here to augment us, the earlier we join forces towards the rapid development of this field, valuing the different point of views everyone has, we can make AI great.

With the tireless power of AI on our side, we can solve the biggest problems humanity is facing currently. This way giving us more time to be what we truly are which is being human and be able to focus on what really matters in life which is also being human, loving and be loved, caring and being taken care of.

If you are a soldier that wants to join the army of AI scientists or enthusiasts that want to contribute to empowering machines to distil information and give us breakthrough discoveries that would have taken us a few millennia to a make, I want you to know that you are not alone. Your contribution will empower AI to give us a boost that in a natural order of things it wouldn't be possible for us to live long enough to see, one example is, AI can help us become an interplanetary species if not intergalactic.

Who knows the secrets that lie beyond this planet of ours that are out there just waiting for us to uncover them.

“If we are left to our own experiences, we suffer from a shortage of data”- Stephen Covey

AI is still a baby

Of course, we are still in the early stage but if we start from now developing autonomous systems that besides thinking on their own have as a priority our safety and possesses human experience so it can understand us, I think with this the future of AI will be brilliant.

If we consider the human safety factor as one of the pillars in which we will build AI systems, we will see the biggest advancements in the tech and other fields of all times.

“I rather live in infinite delusion rather than limited realism” — Ravi Dubey

Like raising a child, they are a mirror reflection of what we are, teach and what they experience.

“An apple doesn't fall far from the tree”

If you are just getting started or are already professional in the area imagine a world in which with your contribution we have more time to love and be loved above all else, time to be Human which is the greatest gift that has been given to us.

Continue to learn, the road to success is not and will never be linear.
Failures are the best experiences and practically everything that comes before success.

Success is not a destination is an endless line of beneficial and achievable goals. There is always something else that we want after attaining a dream or goal.

There are no limits to imagination, dream big and fight for what is yours.

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